Raw野生紅藻片 Family Farm Organics (113克)

Family Farm Organics


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All natural, wild-crafted, and sustainably harvested in the Bay of Fundy, these nutrient rich flakes and leaves have a unique and delicious flavor. In addition, the Bay of Fundy is famous for its icy, clean waters that are continuously replenished by the highest tides in the world. This ensures an ideal environment to provide an abundance of top quality sea vegetables.

Nutritionally, sea vegetables provide all 56 trace elements and minerals needed for our body’s physiological functions in quantities that greatly exceed those found in land plants. They can add delicious flavor and boost the nutritional value in a variety of recipes.

Dulse leaves are soft and chewy and make a great addition to your green salad by adding dry torn leaves, or soaked and drained leaves. They are also perfect in seaweed salad. This sea veggie flakes each have their own unique flavor, and are great in soups, sprinkled over salads, or even added to a shake to boost nutrition content

Product of Canada