VIP Membership

How to be a VIP member: 

Once you have an accumulated spending of $5000 within 12 months, you will be automatically enrolled in the VIP program.


You will receive a 3% discount on all future orders, which can be stacked on top of our sale discounts. Simply use our VIP code HUVIP at checkout.

▶ Q1. How do we get the discount?

Once you are eligible for the VIP program, you will receive an email of your enrolment then you can use our VIP code HUVIP at checkout for your 3% off.

▶ Q2. How many times can I use the VIP code? 

There are no limits to the amount of times and no minimum purchase necessary to use the VIP code as long as your VIP status is active. 

*Any accounts that have been idle for more than 12 months will lose VIP access without prior notice