Himalayan Crystal Salt (Fine), Family Farm Organics (5lb)

Family Farm Organics


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Many people like sea salt, which is better than table salt because it comes from a natural source, but because of all the chemicals that are being dumped into the the ocean, sea salt can contain a lot of toxins.

Himalayan pink salt on the other hand, is pure salt. Himalayan salt was formed from an ancient ocean that dried up and was compressed into a salt bed that now forms the base of the Himalayan mountains. Having formed millions of years ago, Himalayan salt is free from any forms of pollution and brings great benefits as it contains many trace minerals. Salt has the ability to balance our pH and preventing muscle cramping.

There are many ways to enjoy Himalayan salt besides putting it in our cooking like putting it in your juice! You can also create a Sole Solution by adding salt to water until it can no dissolve anymore and keep it in a jar with a plastic lid (not metal!).

Drink 1 tablespoon of this with 1 cup of water everyday on an empty stomach to rehydrate you, give you energy and detoxify your body. 

Country of origin: Pakistan