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Pumpkin kernels are a popular snack in the fall, when pumpkins are at their prime. But pumpkin kernels can actually be enjoyed through out the year. They are high in zinc, a mineral that 80% of women lack or have in insufficient amounts.

These kernels contain various minerals, vitamins and fiver and a load of protein, making them suitable energy snacks.


Organic Pumpkin Seed Milk

1/2 Organic Raw Pumpkin Seed (soaked overnight on fridge)
2 Cups of Water
3 Drops of Medicine Flower Vanilla Essence
1 Pinch of sea salt
3-4 Tbs Coconut Flower Palm Sugar (optional)

Place all ingredients in a high speed blender (Vitamix) and blend until smooth. Strain milk to remove pulp unsing a fine mesh or a Nut Milk Bag.

Keeps refrigerated for 2-3 days.

Country of Origin: China